Yale Cross-Country Run Tomorrow

The second annual cross-country run between Harvard and Yale will take place over the University course at Chestnut Hill tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. The first six men of each team to finish will score.

The make-up of the two teams is as follows: Harvard--R. E. Dole '10, G. R. Harding '11, P. C. Heald '11, C. P. Howard '09, H. Jaques, Jr., '11, H. Y. Masten '10, G. Murphy '10, E. Parson '11, W. P. Rogers '11, M. H. Whitney '09. Yale--H. C. Coney '09, L. Dean '09, A. M. Haskell '10, J. A. Ingalls '09S., E. P. Jones '09, D. H. Leavens '09, M. C. Lightner '09, R. L. Mann '09S., R. Raynolds '09, R. A. Spetzer '09, M. B. Vilas '09, M. Weeks '09, E. C. Wood '09S.