Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Pennsylvania Meet at New Haven.

The intercollegiate shooting match will be held at New Haven at 9.30 o'clock this morning. Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Pennsylvania will send teams of five men each, who will shoot at 100 birds in strings of 25. The outcome of the shoot is very doubtful; for although Princeton beat Yale 186 to 184, and Yale defeated the University team 224 to 223, Harvard yesterday beat Princeton, 208 to 179.

The University team will be composed as follows: F. A. Brewer '10, J. R. Gilman '09, C. L. Hauthaway '10, B. M. Higginson '10, C. F. Morse '10.

Yale--Hebard, Kerr, Pugsley, Trudeau, Thaw.

Princeton--Biddle, Este, Latta, Westenhaven, Wight.

Pennsylvania--Dixon, Lee, Lewis, Null, Van Camp.