Publications By Harvard Graduates

The following books by Harvard graduates have been recently published:

"American Stage of Today," by W. P. Eaton '00; "Book of the Pearl," by G. F. King and Dr. C. H. Stevenson L.'94; "Builders of United Italy," by R. S. Holland '00; "Ideals of the Republic," by James Schouler '59: "In the Woods and on The Shore," by R. D. Ware '90: "John Keats," by A. E. Hancock, A.M. '95; "Mongols of Russia," by Jeremiah Curtin '63; "New Old Healing," by Henry Wood '92; "Richard the Third," by H. H. Furness '88; "Readings in Modern European History," Vol. I. by J. H. Robinson '87 and J. A. Beard: "The American Executive and Executive Methods," by J. H. Finley L.'71 and J. F. Sanderson; "Viva Mexico," by C. M. Flandran '95; "The Memoirs of a Failure," by D. W. Kittredge '02; "The Control of Public Utilities in the Form of an Annotation of the Public Service Commission's Law of the State of New York," by W. M. Ivins '01 and H. D. Mason.