Recent Additions to Union Library

The following books have been recently added to the Union Library:

"Out-of-Doors in the Holy Land," by Henry Van Dyke h.'94; "Cap'n Eri," by Joseph C. Lincoln; "Partners of the Tide," by Joseph C. Lincoln; "Drama and Life," by A. B. Walkley; "The Appreciation of the Drama," by Charles H. Caffin; "Renaissance of the English Drama," by Henry Arthur Jones; "Shamrock Land," by Plummer F. Jones; "Charles Dickens," by Frederic G. Kitton; "A History of Spanish Literature," by James Fitz-Maurice Kelly; "The Spanish People," by Martin A. S. Hume; "The Rise of the Greek Epic," by Gilbert Murray; "The American College," by Abraham Flexner; "Justice and Liberty," by G. L. Dickinson; "The Wooing of Calvert Parks," by L. E. Richards; "The Man From Home," by Booth Tarkington and H. L. Wilson, Ph.D. '00.