Gifts to University Library

The Library has lately received from the Imperial German Embassy in Washington, as a gift from the German Emperor, a superb volume entitled "The Wartburg; a Monument of German History and Art." The volume is elaborately illustrated, containing 706 cuts in the text, and 54 plates.

From Mrs. Charles C. Smith, of Boston the Library has received two volumes to which interesting associations are attached. One is Antonio de Solis's "Varias poesias sagradas y profanas," Madrid, 1716, with the autograph and bookplate of the poet Southey; the other, Leigh Hunt's copy of Troya's "Del Veltro allegorico di Dante," Firenze, 1826, with manuscript marginal annotations in Hunt's hand. His autograph, from some other source, has been pasted on the title-page. A miniature edition of Solis's "Historia de la Conquista de Mejico," Paris, 1826, in three volumes, is also included in Mrs. Smith's gift.