Meeting of Mathematics Teachers

The sixth annual meeting of the Association of the Mathematical Teachers in New England will be held in the Charlestown High School at 10.30 A. M. today. Charles D. Mesowe, principal of the Newton high school, will preside. Professor E. B. Wilson '99, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will speak on "Loci Problems in Geometry," from the point of view of the college, and Mr. E. G. Hapgood, of the Boston Girls' Latin school, will speak upon the same subject, from the point of view of the secondary schools. A discussion of the theme treated, led by W. F. Fuller, of Mechanics Arts high school, and Miss Mary F. Gould, of the Roxbury high school, will follow. Luncheon will be served in the building at 1 o'clock, and at 2, a business meeting and election of officers will take place. At 2.15 o'clock, Professor J. L. Coolidge '95, assistant professor of mathematics in the University, will deliver a lecture entitled, "What Is a Ratio?" which will be followed by a general discussion, led by G. W. Evans '83, principal of the Charlestown high school. The meeting will be open to the public.