Only three days remain in which Juniors may apply for rooms in the Senior dormitories, Hollis, Holworthy, and Stoughton. Probably most of the men who will take advantage of the Senior privilege have already made up their minds to do so, but to those who are still in doubt a few words of advice may still be of some avail.

At Harvard the position of the class is a peculiar one. Although the basis of all our undergraduate life and endeavors, it is nevertheless, as a unit, tending to become absorbed in the "University." Our closest friendships and all our associations are still controlled by class lines, however, and those of us who wish to see this condition strengthened are doing everything to promote class enterprise and class segregation.

This year the Corporation has granted a more exclusive privilege to Juniors than ever before, and has shown every possible consideration for the undergraduate point of view. For the present Junior class not to come up to expectations would indeed be a confession of weakness, which the authorities in future years could not be expected to overlook.

Furthermore, the testimony of those men who have in the past availed themselves of their greatest privilege as Seniors should dispel all doubt as to the actual pleasure of spending the last year of College in close touch with the men who have been three years at Harvard together.