Prof. Zueblin of Chicago Lectures

Professor Charles Zueblin, Ph.B., of the University of Chicago, will give the first of a series of five lectures on "A Democratic Religion" in Emerson D this afternoon at 4.30 o'clock.

Professor Zueblin studied at the University of Pennsylvania and at Northwestern University, receiving the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy at the latter in 1887. After studying for four years at Yale and at the University of Leipzig, he became instructor of sociology at the University of Chicago. The following year he founded the Northwestern University Settlement. Since 1902, when he became Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago, he has delivered many of the University Extension Lecture Courses of that University.

This course of lectures at Harvard is given under the auspices of the Ethical Society and of a committee of ten, consisting of: Professor James '69, chairman, Professor F. W. Taussig '79, W. M. Salter '76, Professor F. G. Peabody '69, Mr. J. MacKaye, Dean W. W. Fenn '84, Professor L. J. Johnson '87, Rev. D. Evans, Rev. S. M. Crothers h.'99, and Col. T. W. Higginson '41.

The remaining lectures of the series will be given on Monday afternoons, March 2, 9, 23 and 30. The lectures will be open to the public.