Mid-Year Examinations

Examinations begin at 9.15 A. M., except those that are especially announced for 2.30 P. M. Examinations must not extend beyond three hours. Examinations Today. Astronomy 5,  Astron. Lab. Celtic 1,  Lower Mass. Comp. Lit. 1,  Upper Mass. Education 3II,  Lawrence 6 Engineering 4f,  Pierce 103 French 21,  Sever 17 German 25,  Fogg Lect. Rm. Greek G,  Sever 29 Greek 14,  Sever 30 History 27,  Upper Dane Mining 5,  Sever 5 French 1bIII, IV: (Assignment of rooms, French 1bIII, IV.) Section III,  Sever 17 Section IV,  Sever 18 History 13: (Assignment of rooms, History 13.) Adelsheim to D. Perkins (inclusive), Lower Massachusetts Pickman to Zirngiebel (inclusive),  Harvard 5 Latin BIV, V: (Assignment of rooms, Latin BIV, V.) Dr. Pease's Section IV,  Sever 29 Professor Parker's Section V,  Sever 30 Latin 10: (Assignment of rooms, Latin 10.) Anthony to Blair (inclusive),  Harvard 5 Bogert to Wright (inclusive),  Harvard 6 Mathematics EII, III: (Assignment of rooms, Mathematics EII, III.) Professor Bouton's Section II.  Sever 23 Dr. Coolidge's Section III,  Sever 24 Philosophy 6: (Assignment of rooms, Philosophy 6.) Addison to Hotherington (inclusive),  Sever 5 Horblit to Wing (inclusive),  Sever 6 Physics C: (Assignment of rooms, Physics C.) Anderson to Janney (inclusive),  Zoological Lecture Room Johnson to Myer (inclusive),  Pierce 202 Nash to Sinnott (inclusive),  Pierce 209 Slepian to Zimmerman (inclusive),  Pierce 212 Examinations Tomorrow. Architecture 3a,  Robinson Hall Architecture 3b,  Robinson Hall Architecture 3c,  Robinson Hall Botany 2,  Zool. Lect. Rm. Chemistry 9,  Sever 5 Economics 2,  Sever 35 English 9,  Upper Mass Fine Arts 1,  Upper Mass French 16,  Sever 5 German 15,  Sever 18 Government 17,  Harvard 6 Government 21,  Sever 17 History 15,  Sever 18 Hist. of Religious 2,  Harvard 5 Indic Philol. 1a  9 Parrar Smeet Italian 5,  Lower Mass Latin E,  Sever 17 Mathematics 26,  Lower Mass Philosophy 11,  Lower Mass Philosophy 10,  Sever 18