Report of Dining Association

The report of the Harvard Dining Association for the first week of the new system in Memorial Hall, shows a most satisfactory gain in members and lowering of the average price of board.

During the week from March 1 to 7 inclusive, the number of boarders was increased by 52, of whom 14 were regular members, 30 transients, and 8 guests, and the corresponding price of board dropped to $4.70, a reduction of 73 cents over the first three months of 1907-08, and of 25 cents over January.

The average number of men charged for meals amounted to 963, of whom 918 were regular, 25 guests, and 20 transients, and the figures from March 1 to 10 show an increase of 171 members. The present membership of Memorial Hall is 1084, of whom 949 are regular and 139 transients, in comparison with an average membership of 988 during the first three months of 1907-08.