More than a week has now passed since the new plan went into effect at Memorial Hall and the figures are decidedly encouraging. There has been a total gain in membership of 171, and 135 men are taking advantage of the transient privilege. The average cost of general board is seven cents below the Corporation's guarantee; the average total cost is only $4.74.

These figures show that the chief criticism of the new system is without foundation. It is not at all necessary for a man to confine himself monotonously to fish and eggs in order to keep down his cating expenses. For $5.50 a week as large an assortment of meat may be had during the week as under the old plan. On the other hand, he who is content with the fish and egg menu may eat for less than $4.

We congratulate the directors of the Dining Association on the apparent success of their new scheme, and heartily commend its advantages to members of the University.