After a three week's trial the system adopted by the Harvard Dining Association has abundantly proved its worth. The figures speak for themselves. Cost of general board has barely exceeded the Corporation's guarantee, and but for an error in judgment during the second week, would have been below the $4 figure. Average total cost of board was less than $5 per week, an improvement over the average total cost for the past four years. The figures of membership are equally encouraging.

In a few days members of the Association must decide whether or not this satisfactory arrangement is to continue. We sincerely hope it will. It would be folly of the worst sort to take another jump in the dark, when the Association is flourishing as never before at this time of year. Men who are satisfied with fish and eggs will undoubtedly vote against any change; others would do well to remember that at the present reasonable rates considerable meat may be had, well within the figure to which the weekly price might soar by a return to the old system.