In New York Today.--Many Delegates.--Conferences in Washington.

The annual convention of the Intercollegiate Civic League will be held in New York today. Delegates are expected from about thirty colleges, among them the Universities of Colorado, North Dakota, and Louisiana, the University of Chicago, and all the principal eastern colleges. The following will represent Harvard: G. G. Ball '08, H. Channing '08, G. Gund '09, R. S. Hoar '09, and H. Van S. Tracy Sp.

An informal reception will be held at the Hotel Manhatten at ten o'clock, after which the delegates will lunch with Mr. R. B. Cutting '97, the treasurer of the advisory committee. A business meeting will be held in the afternoon at the home of Mr. Cutting at which H. Channing '08 will preside in the place of H. M. Gilmore '08, the president of the League, who will probably be unable to be present. Papers will be read by various delegates, followed by discussion of plans for the coming year. In the evening a dinner will be held at the University Club at which General Horace Porter, Mayor McClellan and others will speak.

After the dinner, arrangements have been made for all who desire to take the midnight express to Washington, where conferences have been arranged with President Roosevelt, Vice-President Fairbanks, Secretary Straus and Speaker Cannon, and a trip will be taken through the chambers of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The Intercollegiate Civic League, formed a few years ago, comprises the civic and political clubs in about thirty large colleges, with the object of raising the standard of public and political life by means of the college man's influence. Its growth has been rapid and extensive.