In the heated athletic discussions that have emanated this year from every conceivable source we have met among other contentions the argument that athletics today do not offer a field of activity for all the student body. We are told that a few men play well for the entertainment of a large body of non-athletic spectators. Fortunately to a large extent this is no longer the case. The "non-athletic spectators" are themselves becoming competitors in the less important games within the University. When the rest of Soldiers Field is reclaimed, and the Athletic Committee has demonstrated its ability to put athletics within the reach of all, as well as to make them a power in the intercollegiate field, then this argument can no longer be advanced. The facts, now not fully realized, will be too apparent to deny.

In the meantime we must make the most of our growing opportunities. We must not neglect a single chance to demonstrate that athletics can and must exist in every possible form. Today the second string baseball material is not doing its share. The University second baseball team, now that the Leiter Cup Series has been crowded out, affords the only opportunity, outside of a few interclass games, for the man of average ability to play the "national game." But for some unexplainable reason the team is not being supported. An opportunity to play baseball is being wasted, while we compromise ourselves by the damaging admission that after all an "H" is the only incentive that drives men to play baseball. As we would support a scrub series if we had one, let us now support the second team. More candidates are needed without further delay.