The question of abolishing winter sports will in the due course of events come before the Athletic Committee for a final decision at the meeting scheduled for this evening. So long a time has passed since excitement over the matter was at fever heat that a good many have doubtless forgotten that the fate of intercollegiate athletics between December 1 and the spring recess still hangs in the balance. We have been questioned by some about the results of the undergraduate petition and doubt has been expressed as to any actual benefit that can be attributed to the effort.

As a matter of fact the fruits of the petition will soon be apparent. When the Athletic Committee meets tonight, it will probably decide the fate of this whole undergraduate movement. If winter sports are saved, and schedules kept up to a point that will not endanger competition, it will be because the Committee believes that the undergraduates have a practical proposition and one that makes concession in the form of extensive curtailment unnecessary. There have been so many slips 'twixt the cup and the lip that we hesitate to predict just what the outcome will be. There is one thing, however, on which we can rest assured: the petition and the proposed plans of the undergraduate committee, which will soon be made public, are going to have a good deal of weight and no one need feel that our efforts have been in vain.