No Leiter Cup Baseball Yesterday

On account of rain yesterday, the game in the Leiter Cup series between the Probation A.C. and the Rookies was postponed until Monday at 4 o'clock on the new diamond, and that between the Mugwumps and the Mary's Lambs until Tuesday at 4 o'clock on the new diamond. Today's games will be as follows: Ultra Vires vs. Hammer-throwers at 4 o'clock on the 1911 diamond, and Dilettantes vs. Squabs at 4 o'clock on the new diamond.

The remaining games of the preliminary round are scheduled as follows: on Saturday at 3 o'clock, Hush-buttons vs. Merry Widowers on the new diamond; College House vs. Mug-hunters on the second team diamond; Scrubs vs. Stoughton on the 1911 diamond. On Tuesday at 4 o'clock, Strap-hangers vs. Follies of 1911 on the second team diamond. On Wednesday, Benders vs. Spearmints at 4 on the new diamond.

Only men entered in the blue-books or before the close of corrections at 8 o'clock on Wednesday night are eligible for the series. The attention of captains is called to the specifications regarding umpires printed in yesterday's CRIMSON.