Team Goes to Nantasket Today.--Last Practice Tomorrow.

The University baseball team had a long practice yesterday in preparation for the first Yale game on Thursday. There will be no practice this afternoon for the team will spend the day at Nantasket and take a good rest. Tomorrow afternoon the last practice will begin at 2 o'clock in order to get the men accustomed to the sun at that hour.

The work yesterday was characterized by excellence both at the bat and in the field. The fielding practice was held first, consisting in the usual hitting of grounders and flies. Simons made some pretty stops, and all the other men came up to the mark. After Hartford had been given a long drill in fielding grounders, and throwing the ball to first, batting practice occupied the rest of the time. Almost everybody hit the ball hard, and several long liners were made off Slater and Bankin. The bunting was good on the whole, but might have been improved.