$50,000 Toward New Museum

During the past summer the Germanic Museum has received a gift of $50,000 from Adolphus Busch of St. Louis toward the fund for the erection of a new museum, as the present building is fast becoming inadequate for the increasing number of gifts. Two years ago a fund called the Emperor William Fund, in honor of the German Emperor, was established by American friends of Germany for the maintenance of the museum in its present state, and a similar fund will be raised for the support of the new building. While abroad on leave of absence this year, Professor Kuno Francke will devote some of his time in the interests of the museum.

A very beautiful reproduction of the bronze statue of Theodoric from the monument of the Emperor Maximilian at Innsbruck has been donated by the "Deutsche Gesellschaft" of Boston. This statue was placed in the museum as a companion piece to that of King Arthur from the same group.