Volunteers for Social Service Work

The Social Service Committee of the Phillips Brooks House Association, as now organized, consists of the following men: P. W. Carter '10, chairman; R. F. Hooper '11, clothing collection; W. A. Cole 1L. and R. S. Jowett '11, deputation; R. C. Benchley '12, S. B. Blodgett '11, W. Hodges '11, entertainment groups; F. P. Ferguson '10, assignment; L. E. Drew '11, A. Gregg '11, E. G. Mears '10, boys' clubs; M. E. Peabody '11, St. Paul's Society's activities; P. Crusius '10, educational work; W. White '10, home libraries; J. T. Nightingale '10, juvenile court; H. E. Wetzel '11, text-book loan library; J. S. Davis '08, graduate secretary; A. Beane '11, social service secretary; C. W. Birtwell '82, graduate adviser.

The most important of the immediate needs of the committee are as follows: 30 men, preferably men from the upper classes, or the Law and Graduate Schools, to teach the rudiments of English to classes of foreigners of several different nationalities in East Cambridge, East Boston, and Boston, requiring an hour or two one evening a week; ten men to take boys' clubs one evening a week; 25 men to speak in different organizations on the opportunities at the Prospect Union, requiring part of as many evenings as convenient within the next two or three weeks; 50 men to form entertainment troupes of six or eight men each to give an entertainment one evening each month or six weeks; men with talent for instrumental and vocal music, reading, gymnastics, and speaking are needed, as well as men with ability to give illustrated travel talks, etc.

Men willing to volunteer for any of these opportunities are requested to apply to any of the following members of the committee at the Brooks House: F. P. Ferguson '10, Monday 1.30-2.30, Tuesday and Friday 10-11; A. Beane '11, daily 8-12, except Tuesday and Thursday 10-11; J. S. Davis 2G., daily 10-12 and 2.30-4.30, except Saturday afternoon.