Begins on Soldiers Field This Afternoon at 3.30.--Captains Appointed.

Practice for the three upper-class football teams will begin this afternoon on Soldiers Field. Candidates should report to the captains of their respective teams at the Locker Building at 3.30 o'clock, dressed to play. The following men have been appointed captains: Seniors, F. H. Burrage; Juniors, J. Kean; Sophomores, R. Clifford. The captains will appoint their managers.

More interest was shown in class football last year than ever before, and still more importance will be attached to it this fall. It is expected that by having the captains appointed instead of elected, greater efficiency may be obtained. As the captains have to act not only as leaders, but also as coaches of their teams, the new system will greatly help them, in that they can work up their plays from the outset of practice.

Instead of playing two games, as in former years, each team will play four, meeting the other two teams twice during the series. Numerals will be awarded to the members of the winning team of the three upper classes, but no player will receive his class numerals unless he has played in at least two games. No player is eligible who has played on the University squad within the last week, or who is on probation. It has been decided that the Athletic Association will not buy class sweaters this year. Each player must supply his own football clothes, as the Athletic Association has a very limited supply, and will furnish only certain articles which are specially needed by the candidates.

The schedule of games is as follows:

November 2--Seniors vs. Juniors.

November 5--Seniors vs. Sophomores.

November 9--Juniors vs. Sophomores.

November 12--Seniors vs. Juniors.

November 16--Seniors vs. Sophomores.

November 18--Juniors vs. Sophomores.

A round robin series will also be arranged between the second class teams.