Conterred Today upon 30 Eminent Delegates by President Lowell.

Following the choral by the Alumni Chorus after the inaugural address President Lowell conferred honorary degrees upon 30 Delegates to the inauguration in these words;

Dector of Letters.

James Bryce, delegate from the University of Oxford; guide, honored and beloved by all students of political science, whose portrayal of our government will last as long as books are read; an enjoy who has earned the gratitude of tow nations by drawing closer the ties that bind the children of a common stock.

Doctor of Science:

William Napier Shaw, eminent in the new science of meteorology; welcome delegate from John Harvard's College, and from the ancient university whose sons here the sacred fire of learning to a new England;

Doctor of Science:

John Christopher Willis, also a delegate from the University of Cambridge; an eminent botanist, remarkable for his knowledge of tropical plants; Director of the Royal Garden in Ceylon; who has done a great work in improving the varieties useful to men;

Doctor of Science:

John Harvard Biles, delegate from the University of Glasgow; professor and master of naval architecture on the Clyde, where fleets are built that carry the commence of the world;

Doctor of Science:

Hector Frederick Estrup Jungersen, delegate from the University of Copenhagen; Professor of Zoology and Director of the Zoological Museum; heir of an ancient and virile race, who has enriched modern science by his profound studies of reproduction and development in fishes;

Doctor of Letters:

Joseph Bedier, delegate from the College de France; a scholar who adds lustre to a famous chair; a Frenchman, inspired by the literary splendors of his country, who has illuminated the origins of French romance;

Doctor of Science:

George Alexander Gibson, delegate from the University of Edinburgh; physician and professor of medicine; a clear and prolific writer; investigator of the action of the heart; distinguished teacher in a school long famous, where founders of our own medical school were trained more than a hundred years ago;