Bacon Shifted from 4 to 5.--Strong Moved up from Second Boat.

Three very important changes were made in the order of the University crew yesterday. Bacon, who has rowed port on the University crew for the past two years, was shifted to the starboard side of the boat and put in at 5. Strong was taken from 5 in the second boat to fill Bacon's place at 4. Metcalf moved from 5 to 3 in the University boat, replacing Whitney, who went in at 5 on the second crew.

Although the work of the crew was necessarily rather ragged on account of these changes, the new order should eventually prove very satisfactory and be a good solution of the problem caused by L. Withington's absence from rowing this fall. Bacon may find trouble at first on the starboard side of the boat, but he is naturally a very adaptable oarsman and should soon fit in, besides being heavy and strong enough for the position.

All three crews rowed up-stream as far as the Brighton arsenal and back in short stretches, coached by Wray from the John Harvard.

The orders: University crew--Stroke, Cutler; 7, Waid; 6, Newton; 5, Bacon; 4, Strong; 3, Metcalf; 2, Leslie; bow, Sargent; cox., Worhees.

Second University crew--Stroke, Foster; 7, Higginson; 6, Hooker; 5, Whitney; 4, Waite; 3, Balch; 2, Loring; bow, Shillito; cox, Kempton.

Third University crew--Stroke, Richardson; 7, Jowett; 6, Eaton; 5, Beane; 4, Hoar; 3, Parker; 2, Howell; bow, Wiggins; cox., Faxon.