Yale Defeated Holy Cross, 12 to 0

New Haven, Conn., October 6, 1909.--Yale defeated Holy Cross today in a loosely played game, by the score of 12 to 0. The playing of the Yale team was inaccurate and showed a decided slump since the game with Syracuse.

Although the playing was in Holy Cross's territory throughout the game, Yale was unable to make the most of her chances. Twice the ball was lost on fumbles inside Holy Cross's 5-yard line.

The first touchdown was made by Hobbs on a blocked punt, and Philbin made the second by a 40-yard run. Logan's work throughout the game was steady, and up to his usual form.

The Yale line-up was as follows: l.e., Kilpatrick, Savage; l.t., Hobbs, Paul; l.g., Cooney, Brown; e., Hyde; r.g., Goebel; r.t., Lilley; r.e., Logan, Vaughan; q.b., Howe; l.h.b., Philbin, Holt, Kestler; r.h.b., Messinger, Deming; f.b., Field.