Dormitory Rowing Begins Monday

Candidates for the dormitory crews will report Monday at the Newell and Weld Boathouses as follows: Newell--Randolph, Russell, Ridgely, 3; Matthews, Weld, Grays, Thayer, 3.30; Craigie, Holyoke, Little's, 4; Stoughton, Hollis, Holworthy, 4.30. Weld--Dunster, Dana, Drayton, 3; Westmorly, Mt. Auburn St., 3.30; Beck, Hampden, Fairfax, Perkins, Conant, 4; Claverly, College House, 4.30.

Men wishing to form crews from any other dormitories, and men living in private houses wishing to row on a dormitory crew, should leave word at Westmorly 144 before 10 o'clock Monday.

Bumping races lasting three days will begin on October 27.