Mermaids Won Scrub Lacrosse Series

The Mermaids won the scrub lacrosse championship by defeating the Nymphs by a score of 3 to 0 on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon. Their victory was due to an aggressive attack and a strong defence, which broke up the Nymphs' offence before it was well started. Nash played an excellent offensive game for the Mermaids, and Alexander and Morgan did well for the Nymphs.

The summary of the game is as follows: MERMAIDS.  NYMPHS. Goepper, g.  g., See Furbush, p.  i.h., Rice Jaretzki, c.p.  o.h., Morgan Noble, 1d.  1a., Bail Briggs, 2d.  2a., Bischoff Gustafson, 3d.  3a., Gammons Roberts, c.  c., Alexander Nash, 3a.  3d., Trull Nichols, 2a.  2d., Fabens Bernard, 1a.  1d., Parker Martin, o.h.  c.p., Brown Shaw, i.h.  p., Smith

Score--Mermaids, 3; Nymphs, 0. Goals--Nash 2, Shaw. Referee--K.B. Day. Goal umpires--Lowell and Hansen. Time--15-minute halves.