At Municipal Meeting in Cincinnati.--Addresses by Other Harvard Men.

A joint meeting and separate annual meetings of the National Municipal League, the National Conference for Good City Government, and the American Civic Association, began at Cincinnati, Ohio, last evening. This evening President C.W. Eliot '53, of the National Conservation League, will be the principal speaker.

The joint session was opened last evening by addresses of "Welcome on Behalf of Cincinnati Hosts," by Hon. J. Galvin, mayor of Cincinnati, and E.H. Pendleton '82, chairman of the reception committee. H.E. Deming '71, chairman of the executive committee, replied on behalf of the National Municipal League. The fourth address of the evening was by President C.J. Bonaparte '71, of the Municipal League on "The Initiative in the Choice of Elective Municipal Officers."

This morning A.J. Freiberg '93 will speak on "The Associated Harvard Clubs' Report on School Administration," and Professor W.B. Munro '99 on "Collegiate Education in Municipal Affairs."

President Eliot's speech this evening will consider "The Conservation Movement." He will show that the problem of conservation is not only a state and national one, but also one for municipal consideration.

Tomorrow morning at the fifteenth annual meeting of the National Municipal League, H.E. Deming '71 will report for the executive committee. Of the four addresses, two will be made by Harvard graduates. A.H. Woods '92 will speak on "Appointments to and Promotions in the Police Force," and R.H. Dana '74 on "Taking Municipal Contracts Out of Politics."

At the fifteenth annual meeting of the American Civic Association, Dr. J.Q. Adams '53 will report for the committee on nominations. Hon. J.W. Peck '96 will speak on "Cincinnati's New Regulation of Nuisances."

Tomorrow afternoon R.T. Paine, Jr., '88 will address the National Municipal League on "The Elimination of Party Designations in Municipal Elections." Dr. J.Q. Adams '53 will address the Civic Association on "Household Decoration" Thursday morning, and that afternoon will report as chairman of a committee on "Municipal Art." In the morning session W.W. Taylor '04, President Rookwood Pottery, will speak on "Cincinnati Municipal Art."

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