Eight Retained for Pasteur Debate

As the result of the first trials for the Pasteur Debating Medal in the Assembly Room of the Union last evening the following eight, of the twenty-five who competed, were retained: E.J. Arnstine '13, A. A. Beale, Jr., '13, A.D. Brigham '12, C.W. Collier '11, H.B. Ehrmann '11, T. M. Gregory '10, G.E. Judd '11, and E.L. Viets '11.

The final contest will be held in the New Lecture Hall, Thursday, December 16. Each man will speak for ten minutes on the subject "Resolved, That the French government should adopt an income tax in order to distribute more equitably the burden of the taxation." Those desiring to, can make arrangements for practice with Professor I. L. Winter '86, of the Public Speaking Department. The judges for the final contest, in accordance with the provisions of the founding of the Pasteur Medal, will be chosen as follows: one from the French Department, one from the Department of Public Speaking, and one from the Debating Council.