Solutions of Theatrical Questions

In his lecture last night on "The Civic Functions of the Theatre," Mr. Percy MacKaye '97 maintained that a civic ideal for the theatre existed, but that it had at present no important influence on account of the lack of the proper means to realize it. This means is endowment, without which no public institution can exist.

But if the theatre is once considered on the same level with the university as an institution which aims to develop the more perfect man, the solution of the problem is not so difficult. Mr. MacKaye suggested that the present universities act as trustees to receive private endowments for a new type of theatre. Immediately with the guarantee of such a respected institution, the endowment of a theatre would cease to be precarious. In addition he suggested that the public endow state and city theatres for the public good, to be administered like state universities and city colleges. Thus he believes that the civic functions of the theatre may be realized.