The second competition this year for positions on the editorial board of the CRIMSON begins tonight. This will be the first opportunity for Freshmen to try for the paper, and the last competition open to members of the class of 1911. No Freshmen were called out last half-year, because it was considered advisable that they be given a chance to get settled in Cambridge before entering an exacting competition lasting during the most critical period of their College careers. But by this time they have all got their bearings, and should be ready to take an active part in undergraduate life. The three places left on the Sophomore board will be filled this spring if suitable men are found.

The CRIMSON competition offers a rare opportunity to become acquainted with what is really going on in the University. We realize that it is about the longest in College and that it requires a great amount of work, but we can assure prospective candidates that this work is most interesting and will never be regretted even by an unsuccessful competitor.