As an Endowment.--To be known as the Edward Wigglesworth Memorial.

The University has received a gift of $150,000 for the endowment of the College Chapel. The fund is the gift of Jane Norton Grew, Mary G. Pickering, Henrietta G. Fitz, and George Wigglesworth. It is to be known as the Edward Wigglesworth Memorial Fund, and is to be a memorial to Edward Wigglesworth 1710, Edward Wigglesworth 1749, and Edward Wigglesworth 1822.

According to the letter of gift to the President and Fellows of Harvard College, "the income of this fund shall be used to maintain at the University religious services in such manner as the President and Fellows may from time to time think best. Provided, however, that such services shall never be denominational or limited by the forms or tenets of any single branch of the Christian Church, and that as heretofore no person shall ever be excluded from sharing in the conduct of the services by reason of connection with any particular denomination. In case either of the above conditions should be violated, or control of such services should ever fall into the hands of a single denomination, or services of the character specified should cease to be maintained at the University, the entire fund shall be paid over to the American Unitarian Association, or any successor of such Association, for the general purposes of its work."