Good Gymnastic Meet on Saturday

The University gymnastic team gave a successful joint exhibition with the Yale team in the Hemenway Gymnasium on Saturday evening. The features of the meet were the University team's pyramid work and Yale's clever exhibition of tumbling. Both teams showed good form on the horizontal bar. Though Harvard had the better of the side-horse and club swinging events, Yale gave a better performance on the flying rings. The University team, starting with only two men from last year's team as a nucleus, has developed slowly but consistently and is in good condition for the subsequent competitive meets with Columbia and Yale.

The competitors in Saturday's meet:

Horizontal bar--Harvard: H. V. Coryell '11, B. D. Lewis '09, E. L. Souder '10; Yale: Z. Belcher, I. D. Stone.

Tumbling--Harvard: B. D. Lewis '09, L. E. Stover '12, E. S. Wolston '10; Yale: J. Dunn, I. D. Stone.

Side horse--Harvard: E. N. Cleaves '11, H. V. Coryell '11, E. L. Souder '10; Yale: T. Means, P. Ordway.

Parallel bars--Harvard: E. G. Shauroth '10, S. Wolfman '11, E. S. Wolston '10; Yale: F. Lewis, W. Ruge.

Club swinging--Harvard: H. V. Coryell '11; Yale: T. Means.

Flying rings--Harvard: H. R. Rafsky '10, E. L. Souder '10, J. Wister '09; Yale: Z. Belcher, T. Means, W. Ruge.