Plot and Cast of Verein Play

The Deutscher Verein will present a one-act farce entitled "Einer Muss Heiraten" by a. Wilhelm, in the Assembly and Committee Rooms of the Union March 31 at 8 o'clock.

"Einer Muss Heiraten" tells of the complications arising from the love affairs of Luise and her tow cousins, Wilhelm and Jacob Zorn, both young professors at a German university. According to their father's will one of the two must marry their cousin in order to inherit the family estate. Since neither of them is inclined to marry, the toss of a coin destines Jacob to become Luise's husband. Jacob is very bashful and Wilhelm, while aiding him to win his cousin, falls in love with Luise and wins her for himself to Jacob's great delight.

The following cast has been chosen: Jacob Zorn,  H. W. Miller '12 Wilhelm Zorn,  L. T. Judd '10 Gertrude, their aunt,  S. D. Marti '12 Luise,  O. W. Roosevelt '12