This morning's communication does not throw any new light on the subject of the Gymnasium, but if it helps to keep alive interest in the need of a new building, it will amply serve its purpose. The present building is so hopelessly behind the times that it seems useless to try to improve it. If all the changes suggested were made, the Gymnasium would still be too small for general use and a great deal of money would have been spent in a futile endeavor to provide suitable facilities for indoor exercise. But although it may be unwise to put in a tank, a ventilating system, or other permanent improvements, there is certainly no excuse for not keeping the building and the equipment clean. The statements made in the communication are not at all exaggerated. The building is really in such a state that for the sake of good feeling between the colleges no visiting team should be allowed to enter it.

We hope that the general interest in this subject is not dying out. For a time it looked as if the undergraduates were all keenly alive to the necessity of a new Gymnasium, but so far nothing definite has been accomplished. Can not some person or persons with authority start the movement immediately, and get some results before June?