Two years ago, at the death of a popular and prominent undergraduate, a memorial service in his memory was held in Appleton Chapel at the regular hour of morning prayers. this simple ceremony seemed so fitting that we cannot understand why the custom has not been continued. The recent death of another well-known member of the University leads us to reprint and editorial printed in the CRIMSON at that time, as best expressing the feelings of the undergraduates:

"For some years it has seemed to many that the formal resolutions of a class were a cold and inadequate way of expressing sympathy and sorrow for the death of a Harvard undergraduate. There are others than classmates who feel such a loss, and yet shrink from the usual expression of sympathy for some reason or another. It seems to us that Harvard is not too large or too impersonal to take some notice in morning Chapel of the death of a member of the university, and if some simple and appropriate service could be arranged and his friends and classmates be made aware of the fact, their attendance would be a fitting tribute to the dead."