1912 Track Team Meets Andover

The Freshman track team will hold its first meet of the season with Phillips Andover Academy at Andover this afternoon at 3 o'clock. The team leaves the North Station on the 10.55 train this morning.

The following men will go on the trip: C. F. Averill, K. S. Billings, I. C. Bolton, S. H. Bowles, P. C. Cummin, R. Douglas, A. R. Dupont, H. E. Eaton, W. H. Fernald, A. K. Keay; J. A. King, W. H. Lacey, F. H. Leslie, W. M. Parker, W. A. Perkins, J. R. Pratt, D. P. Ranney, R. H. Rowse, L. C. Torrey, S. B. Warner, H. deWindt, P. R. Withington, A. C. Yarnall.