The idea of forming a Wrestling Association at Harvard should commend itself at once to those interested in the sport itself and to members of University teams who desire some suitable means of keeping in condition during the year. At other universities the plan has met with great success. Regular teams have been organized with insignia similar to those in other branches of sport, and an intercollegiate tournament is held annually between Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Columbia and Pennsylvania. At Yale there is a fairly large squad, and wrestling promises to become a permanent feature of athletics. So far there has been no regular organization at Harvard to foster interest in this form of exercise, but several undergraduates have shown considerable prowess at open tournaments in the vicinity.

It has been shown at other places that most of the heavyweight wrestlers come from the football squad. As regards the benefit of this work for such men we quote one of the leaders in the movement here: "Wrestling is the best means of developing fast, hard line-men, for it not only teaches one to size up an opponent quickly and to use one's power to the best advantage, but it develops a control of the muscles that cannot be obtained in football practice. It is individual coaching of the kind that even the best university players seldom receive."

All those interested should come to the meeting tonight so that arrangements for securing a good instructor can be made at once. It is essential to the success of the undertaking that competent man be engaged, and if a reasonable number of men join, this can be done at a comparatively small price.

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