Results of Leiter Cup League Games

Two more games were played in the Leiter Cup league series on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon. The Nine Muses defeated the Can Openers, 8 to 0; and the Limes defeated the Mugwumps, 13 to 1.

The following games will be played this afternoon at 4 o'clock; Prickly Heats vs. Baby Dolls on the football field diamond, and Limes vs. Nine Muses on the diamond behind the bleachers.

The game between the Bush Leaguers and the Baby Dolls, formerly announced as defaulted, will be played on the football field diamond Monday afternoon.

The standing of the league follows:   Won.  Lost.  P.C. Bush Leaguers,  6  9  1,000 Nine Muses,  5  1  .833 Baby Dolls,  4  1  .800 Prickly Heats,  4  2  .666 Can Openers,  3  4  .428 Limes,  2  4  .333 Fathers,  1  6  .142 Mugwumps,  0  7  .000

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