High Stroke Well Maintained.--Freshman Coxswains Interchanged.

Harvard Training Quarters, Red Top, Conn., June 21, 1909.--As the weather was excessively hot today the crews all had very light work in the morning. The University crew paddled down-stream to the Navy Yard, and back in easy stretches at a slow stroke. The University four followed the eight down-stream and back, and the second four took a light row up-stream towards the Yale quarters. The Freshman four rowed down-stream a little beyond Cows Point and back, and the eight covered the same distance. Later in the afternoon it was much cooler; the crews went out at about 6 o'clock. The water was almost calm. The University eight took a row down-stream to the three-mile flag and back. A stroke of 28 was maintained all the way until the last stretch before the boathouse, when it was raised as high as 42. Although the slide work was poor at times the crew went very well, and on the row home the boat moved along especially smoothly. A change was made in the Freshman eight in the afternoon, Voorhees of the four replacing Faxon as coxswain. This crew went over the two-mile course up-stream, but was not timed. A racing start was tried, the crew going off at 38, and then the stroke was lowered to 30, being raised again to 36 at the finish. The rowing was very satisfactory and the boat spaced as well as it has this year. The University four rowed about eight miles in all, and on the way back to the quarters the crew took it up for about a mile with the Yale university eight, which was paddling at a very low stroke over the course, and which held it even rowing a higher stroke. The other two fours rowed about six miles.