Dartmouth Game Ticket Applications

Applications for tickets to the Dartmouth football game will be received at the Athletic Office until Friday, October 28 at 5 o'clock. Each application, made out in proper form, will be field and tickets will be assigned by lot at the close of the period of application. The price of tickets is $1.50 each.

The following conditions and regulations are announced by the Athletic Association: "Checks and money-orders should be made payable to the Harvard Athletic Association. Persons wishing to sit together may enclose their applications together, but such applications will be filled with those of the lowest classification enclosed. No person may file more than one application. No person may apply to both the Dartmouth and Harvard managements. No application will be received from any person whose name is on the black-list. A large stamped envelope, addressed to the applicant, must accompany each application; also a self-addressed postal card for the acknowledgment of the application. Stamps to the amount of twelve cents must be put on the addressed envelope. Tickets will be sent by registered mail only not earlier than Monday, November 7.

Application blanks and circulars of information may be obtained at the Athletic Office and at Leavitt & Peirce's.