Yale Outclassed by West Point

Yale was defeated by West Point at West Point on Saturday, for the first time in six years, by the score of 9 to 3. Throughout the game West Point was clearly superior to Yale, allowing its opponents but one first down.

The first score came in the early part of the first period. Browne of West Point intercepted a forward pass on Yale's 25-yard line, and carried the ball to within five yards of the goal-line. On the next play, Surles made a touchdown on a well executed forward pass. During the rest of the game, both sides resorted to the kicking game, Yale gaining slightly on the interchange of punts. In the third period Browne made a 32-yard run through tackle which brought the ball within Yale's 40-yard line. The next play failed to gain, but Dean scored on a goal from placement. Yale's only score came toward the end of the fourth period. Kilpatrick recovered a kick and ran to West Point's 18-yard line. From there, Daly kicked a difficult field-goal. West Point followed the ball well, and secured it four times on Yale's fumbles.