Fish the Only Speaker Last Night.--New Football Songs Practiced.

The second football mass meeting of the year was held in the Living Room of the Union last night at 7.30 o'clock. R. C. Foster, who presided and led the cheering, introduced H. Fish, Jr., '10, captain of last year's football team, who was the only speaker. Although refusing to prophecy the score of the game Fish declared that the University team will probably close a successful season by defeating Yale next Saturday. In the West Point game the Yale team was composed of good material, but the team-play was decidedly crude. In the Princeton game, however, the work of the coaches was evident in an improved machine and a more highly polished team-play. Yale has been poor but has passed through the worst part of her season, and will be "coming" during the whole of the week, and it must be remembered that she has prestige and a remarkable faculty of improving up to the moment when she meets Harvard. One of Yale's new plays, however, which proved so effective against Princeton, was really invented several years ago by Head Coach Haughton, and Harvard should find no trouble in smothering it. Fortunately the Yale team is composed for the most part of inexperienced men, while the Harvard team has a large number of veterans. As the offense of either team will be unable to gain through its opponent's line, the team with the most experience and greatest ability in diagnosing the other's plays will probably prove victorious. Fish refused to predict the exact score unless Coach Coy did so first, saying such predictions were good omens of victory for Harvard. After Fish's speech the old and new songs were practiced.