Final Interclass Football Game at 3

The final game of the interclass football series, between the Senior and the second Freshman teams, will be played on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 3 o'clock. The second Freshman team defeated the Sophomores, 12 to 0, in the first game on Friday. The Seniors won from the Juniors on Monday by the score of 6 to 0. Numerals will be awarded the members of the winning team, and if the Freshmen win they will receive their numerals in their class colors.

The line-ups will be as follows: SENIORS.  2D FRESHMEN. Murdoch, l.e.  r,e., Coolidge, Schwab Kean, l.t.  r.t., Wheelwright Cotting, l.g.  r.g., Searle Chadwick, c.  c., Poole Hobert, Brotchie, r.g.  l.g., Van Warren Webber, Rindge, r.t.  l.t., Flanagan McLaughlin, r.e.  l.e., Hoogs, Hood Bouve, Sexton, q.b.  q.b., Bright Floyd, l.h.b.  r,h.b., Tupper Sweetser, Gross, r.h.b.  l.h.b., Handy, Williams Lewis, f.b.  f.b., Tyler, Simons