Statistics of Harvard-Yale Tickets

This year the Harvard management received applications for approximately 14,500 seats for the Yale game, about one-half as many as last year. By, a reciprocal arrangement each year. Harvard and Yale return last applications so that the college on whose grounds the game is played may have more tickets for its graduates.

About 2,000 tickets have been assigned to certain privileged groups, which included (1) a small number of distinguished persons, (2) the coaches of all the teams, (3) the members of the University squad and the second team and the Freshman squad, (4) ex-players, Varsity Club members, and the class of 1879.

The number of men composing these privileged groups is approximately as follows: the "distinguished personage" group does not exceed 20 men. The coaches of all squads number about 25. The University squad and managers number 40. The second team numbers 52, and the Freshman squad, 35. The band is given 24 seats in the cheering section. Ex-players have been assigned 450, Varsity Club members, 280, and the class of 1879, 60 tickets.