Prof. Percival Lowell to Give Illustrated Talk in Living Room of Union.

Professor Percival Lowell '76 will give an illustrated lecture on "Astronomy Today" in the Living Room of the Union this evening at 8 o'clock. The lecture will be open only to members of the Union.

A few years after graduation Professor Lowell went to Japan, where he lived for ten years. In 1894 he established the Lowell Observatory, of which he is the head, at Flagstaff, Arizona. In May, 1900, he undertook an expedition to Tripoli to observe an eclipse of the sun, and a few years later sent a party to the Andes to photograph the planet Mars. It is in connection with this expedition that Professor Lowell is best known. He has made many discoveries about Mars, and was awarded the Janssen Medal of the French Astronomical Society for research work concerning that planet in 1907. He has been a nonresident professor of astronomy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1902, and is a member of numerous scientific associations. Professor Lowell is also the author of several books on the Far East, as well as on astronomical problems.