1911 Class Officers Elected.--Nominations for Class Day Committees.

The election of Senior class and Class Day officers, with the exception of Secretary, was held yesterday and resulted as follows:

First Marshal--Lothrop Withington, Jr., of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Second Marshal--Reginald Candler Foster, of Charles River Village.

Third Marshal--Herbert Jaques, Jr., of Chestnut Hill.

Treasurer--Arthur Sweetser, of Boston.

Ivy Orator--Alan Gregg, of Baltimore, Md.

Orator--Charles Sager Collier, of Kinderhook, N. Y.

Poet--Conrad Potter Aiken, of Cambridge.

Odist--William Chase Greene, of Baltimore, Md.

Chorister--Raymond George Williams, of Arlington.

The election of Marshals was conducted under the following rule:

"Every elector shall vote for three candidates, indicating his preference for First Marshal. Of the three elected that candidate receiving the highest number of votes for First Marshal shall be declared First Marshal; of the other two elected that one whose total vote is higher shall be Second Marshal, and the other one Third Marshal."

Out of a total voting list of 414 men, 380 votes were recorded.

The following table shows the number of votes cast for each candidate: MARSHALS. First Marshal.  Total. L. Withington, Jr.,  233  330 R. C. Foster,  31  207 H. Jaques, Jr.,  31  157 C. B. McLaughlin,  40  126 P. D. Smith,  6  126 A. Beane,  7  114 R. W. Cutler,  9  80 TREASURER. A. Sweetser,    207 S. R. Steel,    162 IVY ORATOR. A Gregg,    168 E. A. Bemis,    110 W. S. Seamans, Jr.,    60 J. C. Savery,    38 ORATOR. C. S. Collier,    158 F. M. Eliot,    123 P. W. Hobart,    93 POET. C. P. Aiken,    171 H. T. Pulsifer,    109 P. Mariett,    88 ODIST. W. C. Greene,    221 J. S. Miller, Jr.,    142 CHORISTER. R. G. Williams,    151 W. B. Barker,    132 A. M. Osgood,    94

Class Day Committees Nominated.

Balloting for class Secretary, and members of the Class Committee, Class Day Committee, and Photograph Committee will take place in the Lodge at the Class of '77 Gate next Monday. At a meeting of the Nominating Committee held last night the following list of nominees was drawn up:

Secretary--R. Hornblower, Arlington: J. A. Sweetser, Brookline.

Class Committee--G. R. Harding, Boston; R. F. Hooper, Boston; J. Shillito, Cincinnati, O.; S. B. Steel, Chicago, Ill.

Class Day Committee--W. B. Barker, Jamaica Plain; A. Beane, Massawippi, Canada; H. F. Corbett, Portland, Ore.; H. H. Heath, Buffalo, N. Y.; W. A. Lawrence, Boston; H. C. Leslie, Milton; R. G. McKay, Paris, France; T. H. McKittrick, Jr., St. Louis, Mo.; C. B. McLaughlin, Roxbury; A. M. Osgood, Washington, D. C.; S. O. Richardson, 3d, Toledo, O.; S. W. Sabine, Brookline; P. D. Smith, Chicago, Ill.; E. A. Winsor, Chestnut Hill.

Photograph Committee--E. A. Bemis, Cambridge; F. D. Everett, Worcester; C. Hann, Jr., Brookline; W. S. Jackson, Jr., Colorado Springs, Col.; G. E. Jones, New York, N. Y.; J. P. Long, Naples, N. Y.; J. G. B. Perkins, West Newton; A. Stevens, North Andover.

Additional nominations may be made on petitions signed by 25 members of the class. Such nominations must be placed in the box in the CRIMSON office before 7 o'clock tomorrow evening, and the final list of nominations will be published in Saturday's CRIMSON. F. AYER, JR.,   O. M. CHADWICK,   R. C. FLOYD,   S. C. SIMONS,   W. G. TAUSSIG,   Nominating Committee.