Examinations Today and Tomorrow

All examinations not otherwise specified begin at 9.15 A. M., and must not extend beyond three hours.

Regulation: "No student is permitted to take any books on papers into the examination room except by express direction of the instructor. No communication is permitted between students in the examination room on any subject whatever.

"A student who is not in the examination room within five minutes after the hour appointed for the examination shall not be admitted without permission of the instructor or of the officer in general charge of the examinations." Examinations Today. Anthropology 5,  Holden Architecture 1c,  Sever 5 Botany 7,  Gray Herbarium Celtic 1,  Sever 30 Class. Philol. 40,  Sever 24 Class. Philol. 60,  Sever 17 Comp. Lit. 9,  Sever 23 Engineering 1a,  Pierce 209 Engineering 7b,  Pierce 212 Engineering 16f,  Pierce 212 English 2,  Upper Mass. English 24,  Sever 35 French 2aIII, IV, V, VI,  Fogg Lecture Room French 2CI, II, III: Dr. Whittem's Section 1,  Harvard 5 Mr. Keniston's Section 2,  Harvard 6 Dr. Post's Section 3,  Harvard 6 French 12,  Sever 23 Geology 19,  Geol. Museum rm. 43 German B,  Sever 36 German 2b,  Lower Mass. Greek A,  Sever 18 Greek BI,  Sever 30 History 12a,  New Lecture Hall Land. Arch. 4,  Robinson Land. Arch. 5,  Robinson Latin 1,  Sever 17 Latin 6,  Sever 18 Mathematics 4,  Sever 24 Mineralogy 2,  Mineralogical Lab. Music 6,  Holden Philosophy 12: Amory to Brim (inclusive),  Sever 5 Cawley to Wolfe (inclusive),  Sever 6 Zoology 4,  Zool. Lab 4th floor, rm. 4 Examinations Tomorrow. Anthropology 2,  Upper Mass. Chemistry 9,  Upper Mass. Fine Arts 1,  Upper Mass. French 16,  Lawrence 1 Government 17a,  Lower Mass. Government 21,  Upper Mass. History 19,  Lawrence 1 Indic Philol. 1a,  Warren House Land. Arch. 11,  Robinson Latin A,  Upper Mass. Latin E,  Upper Mass. Mathematics 25,  Lawrence 1 Philosophy D,  Harvard 5 Philosophy 10,  Harvard 6