Intercollegiates at Philadelphia

At the annual meeting of the I. C. A. A. A. A., in New York City, Saturday afternoon, it was decided that the intercollegiate games should be held this year at Franklin Field, Philadelphia, and in the spring of 1911 in the new stadium of Syracuse University at Syracuse. Heretofore the annual field sports have been held in Cambridge and in Philadelphia on alternate years.

The decision of the date of the cross-country run was left with the executive committee, to be announced not later than May 30 each year.

Haverford and Amherst, who had become disqualified for membership through an infraction of the rules due to a misunderstanding, were readmitted to the association. Colgate, Wesleyan, and Rutgers joined the organization again after several years absence and Pennsylvania State College was admitted.

The officers of the association were elected as follows: president, H. K. Gilmour, of Princeton; secretary, S. G. Taylor, of New York University; treasurer, E. H. McKenzie, of Columbia. L. M. Little '10 was elected a member of the executive committee.