Thayer Applications Due Tomorrow

The final allotment of rooms in the north and middle entries of Thayer from members of the class of 1911 will be made tomorrow, when all applications are due. This delay is made because some of the applications are based upon the expectations of improvement in this dormitory, a subject which will be considered by the Corporation at its meeting today. Applicants for these rooms who are now occupying rooms in College dormitories, which they would reengage if unsuccessful in the Thayer allotment, will be allowed to defer their decision until next Wednesday, when the result of the drawing will be known. This exception is exclusively for the benefit of Juniors who have applied for rooms in Senior dormitories and for men now rooming in Thayer Hall who may relinquish their rooms in favor of Senior applicants. For all other occupants of College rooms wishing to re-engage their rooms, the requirement of notice before 1 o'clock today will be strictly enforced.

The Senior Dormitory Committee will have hours in Phillips Brooks House this afternoon and will answer any questions. Tomorrow's CRIMSON will contain the decision of the Corporation. Applications should be by rooms. The largest application which will be allowed is for four rooms, accommodating eight men.