This Year's Highest Strength Tests

In order to correct several erroneous statements which have appeared in regard to undergraduates who have made the highest strength tests this year, the CRIMSON prints this morning the records of the ten men who have made the highest totals. In fairness to these men it should be stated that the tests are now merely qualifying tests, and may or may not represent the utmost that a man can do.

This year's records are as follows: F. H. Leslie '12, 1271.6; E. Harding '11, 1165.4; F. D. Huntington '12, 1107.1; J. G. P. Perkins '11, 1074.8; H. A. Rogers '11, 1071.6; O. M. Chadwick '11. 1071.6; H. C. Leslie '11, 1066.1; P. D. Smith '11, 1058.4; E. G. Schauroth '10, 1048.4; S. Wolfman '11, 1032.6.