New Courses for Second Half-Year

The following half-courses will be offered by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for the first time during the second half-year. Several of the courses have been given during the first half-year in former academic years; these are Anthropology 8, Classical Philology 35 and 36, Comparative Literature 18, Engineering 14a, English 37, Economics 10, and Philosophy 21a. Education 6, Government 6 and 17, and History 11, which formerly have been whole courses, and Architecture 7, a half-courses, have been divided into half-courses, the second parts of which will be given during the coming half-year. Fine Arts 20 has been replaced by Fine Arts 20a, a whole course, and Fine Arts 20b, a half-course in the second half-year. Comparative Literature 31, which was a whole course last year, is now given in the first half-year as 31a, and Comparative Literature 31b is offered in the second half-year. The following three courses were formerly given as whole courses: Anthropology 4, Greek 11, and Somitic 12.

Anthropology 4.--Prehistoric European Archaeology and European Ethnography. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, at 12. Dr. Farabee.

Anthropology 8.--American Indian Languages. Discussion and study of selected texts. Monday, Wednesday, and (at the pleasure of the instructor) Friday, at 11. Assistant Professor Dixon.

Architecture 7b.--On Design in the Terms of Drawing and Painting. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1.30 to 3.30. Dr. Ross, assisted by Mr. E. O. Parker.

Astronomy 4.--The Determination of Orbits. Olber's method for parabolic orbits; Leuschner's "Short Method" for orbits of any eccentricity. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, at 10. Dr. Duncan.

Botany 11.--Variation, Heredity, and the Principles of Animal and Plant Breeding. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, at 11. Professor W. E. Castle and Assistant Professor East.

Botany 12.--Variation and Heredity. Advanced studies upon special topics. Lectures in Cambridge; laboratory work at Bussey Institution, Jamaica Plain. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, hour to be arranged. Assistant Professor East.

Business 12.--Economic Resources and Commercial Policy of the Chief European States. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, at 10. Mr. M. T. Copeland.

Business 14.--Economic Resources and Commercial Organization of Central and South America. Tuesday, Thursday, 4.30 to 6, and a third hour. Mr. Downs and the following lecturers: Messrs. Ignacio Colderon, G. L. Duval, T. A. Eddy, G. B. Kulenkampff, Joaquim Nabuco, C. M. Pepper, L. S. Rowe, J. L. Schaefer, W. H. Schoff, Hermann Sielcken, W. H. Stevens, R. DeC. Ward, and others.

Business 35b.--Life Insurance. Tuesday, Thursday, at 2.30-4.30. Mr. Dow.

Business 36.--Fire Insurance Engineering. Two afternoon meetings a week. Mr. Medlicott, and others.

Business 37.--Actuarial Practice. Two afternoon meetings a week. Mr. Dow.

Classical Archaeology 1b.--Etruscan and Roman Archaeology. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, at 11. Assistant Professor Chase.

Classical Archaeology 4. -- The Elder Pliny's Account of the History of Ancient Art (Historia Naturalis, Books XXXIV-XXXVI). Twice a week, and a third hour at the pleasure of the instructor. Assistant Professor Chase.

Classical Philology 30.--Introduction to Greek Palaeography. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, at 11. Professor Gulick.